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Mar 28, 2012 - Canada    No Comments

Mighty Rundle

This pictures was taken in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in the famous Banff National Park, which is the oldest National Park in Canada (1885).

The peak you can see is one of the most photographed mount of the Canadian Rockies : The mighty Mount Rundle.

It’s a dip slope moutain with one side that is steep and irregular and the other side that is planar. We can easily see the strata of limestone on the planar side.

This is a view is from Vermillon lake, located west of the city of Banff.

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Mar 25, 2012 - Canada    1 Comment

Running water

I took this picture during a 4 wheel road trip in the Canadian Rockies in the summer of 2010.The friend hosting me in calgary had his collarbone broken few weeks ago so we couldn’t hike a lot, which explain the 4 wheel trip ;D

We took so much forest road this day that i couldn’t even say were this place was. On the road, the view was really beautiful so I got out of the car, opened my tripod and grab this shot.

The water of those rivers an lakes has an incredible color, aquamarine and bright turquoise-blue that look unreal. But I swear it is real, and If you ever went to the Canadian Rockies, especially Jasper National Park, you could back me up on this one ,D:

In fact this phenomenon is due to something called “Rock Flour“, it consists of fine-grained, silt size particles of rock, generated by mechanical grinding of bedrock by glacial erosion. Because it is ultra small, it becomes suspended in riverwater and it turns the river’s color gray, light brown, iridescent blue-green, or milky white, which is sometimes known as glacial milk. (source by wikipedia)


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Mar 21, 2012 - Reunion Island, waterfall    10 Comments

Bassin Boeuf

Today I got you another picture from La Reunion…. next time it will be from somewhere else, I promise. ;D

Due to its geography and to its precipitations, Reunion Island is filled with rivers, waterfalls and ponds of all kinds. Actually, it’s pretty fun to go from waterfall to waterfall, trying to find the nicest one.

This picture is from a fall called “Bassin Boeuf” which is close to Sainte Suzanne, a little town on the north side of the island.

I like to take pictures of moving waters, it’s always very fun yet technical at the same time. Going on manual and trying to have a long, but not too long, exposure in order to get those blank trickles that look so enchanting… See by yourself :

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Mar 18, 2012 - Reunion Island, Sunset    1 Comment

The Maïdo

New feature

Here we go, introducing new features. From now on, each post will get an icon “Map” where you can, if you click on it, see pictures on a map of the world.
Next new thing is the share buttons on top and end of each post, so now you can easily share it on facebook, twitter or google+.
More to come…

The Maïdo

This incredible view can be seen far above Saint Paul and Saint Gilles les Bains.
Le Maïdo is sitting on the rim of the cirque de Mafate, the wildest caldera of the three that Reunion Island count. It is by far the most impressive viewpoint in La Réunion.
In order to see something, you have to climb up there before the clouds begin to form in the caldera… That means as early as 7AM (after a two hours drive) :S
But really, on it’s own, the road well worth the trouble. The forest road winds all the way to the top in a scenic drive under cryptomeria japanese trees and with some magnificent views of the island.
When you get to the Maïdo, you sit at 2205 meters (7230 ft) above sea level and you can experience stunning views of Mafate and back to the coast.

The word Maïdo comes from Malagasy and means “burnt land”. I guess it’s because the land looks bare, but unfortunately recently the place has stuck to its name. In November 2011, almost 3000 acres of land were burnt to the ground by an arson. This is pretty sad, but I am not worried, nature will overcome this.

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Mar 14, 2012 - France, Toulouse    3 Comments

The WaterTank

Night Photography

I love night photography, hanging out in the street, alone, with my DSLR and tripod, capturing pieces of the city while she sleeps.
It’s calm and silent, you can go everyhwere the night lead you, stroll around, lost yourself and rediscover the city from a new point of view.

As much I love night session, it’s pretty uncommon for me, lack of time and tiredness doesn’t give me opportunity to hang out during the week when the city is peacefull. Maybe one day time will be on my side…

Le château d’eau

I took this picture a few months ago in the city where I live : Toulouse.

Nothing thrilling to tell, just a little walk, nice sunset and few pictures before heading home. So lets talk about history.
At the left side of the picture, we could see the “Pont-neuf” wich is in fact the oldest bridge in Toulouse. It was built around 1620.
The red brick building on the right is the “Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques de Compostelle” buildt in 1332, it serve during centuries as a host house for poor, beggar, hobbos and prostitute and mainly for “Saint Jacques de Compostelle”‘s pilgrims.
Finally, the lighted up tower in the middle is a watertank built in 1822, to feed the city’s fountains. This place was renovate in 1974 and became the first municipal gallery of photography. There is still nowadays some photography exhibition, from know photographer to emerging artist. Maybe one way I will be one of them… ;D

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Mar 14, 2012 - Church, France, Toulouse    1 Comment

Church Saint Aubin


This post is for everyone who goes around churches and won’t even mind to get inside.
Just get in, push the heavy doors and follow the light!! with the good timing you might have a mystic vision. ;D
Seriously, I am not a believer myself, but I love churches. I miss my words but when you walk inside, you just feel like shrinking in.
Truly, this places are (in europe at least) the gardians of our history, some are here since centuries and still up.

And you what do you feel when you take the first step in those silent and imposent monster??

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Mar 11, 2012 - Roads, USA    No Comments

The American Way

I took this picture in Arizona during a National Parks road trip. You can find this kind of road everywhere on the East Side of US. Beautiful and wild, miles and miles of open roads waiting to be driven. It has a magical touch, giving you a true feeling of freedom.

Anyway, a funny and interesting thing is how shooting signposts is a real national sport in USA. In those wild places, every signpost is scattered by multiple gunshot wounds, that maybe represent the boredom of the inhabitants (funny thing for sure ;). I really wonder if is it a tradition in any other country??


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Mar 11, 2012 - Reunion Island, Sunset    No Comments

New year eve

Downloading pictures

As you surely already noticed, you can download all the pictures, in full resolution, within my Smugmug Portfolio. (Put your cursor on a photography. A folder will appear on the right. Click on it and choose “Save Photo”.)

If by any chance you have some spare change, you can pay the artist, which is me ;D. You can buy the pictures for the modest price of 1$. For that, you need to click on the menu “Buy”, on the right-top corner, and choose “This Photo”. In the new window, choose the third tab “Downloads”.

You can also order prints of every pictures. But I will talk about that in detail in the next post.

New year Eve at Reunion Island

This year, instead of the traditional and sometimes boring new year eve’s in France, I went with a group of friend on the other hemisphere, to Reunion Island to be precise. We joined friends who live there and who had prepared everything for this last night of the year.

Near Saint Gilles, the tradition is that everyone (mainly metropolitan French) meet at the beach in the afternoon, to book a spot and get prepared for the party.
Our spot was huge, with a sound system, an handcrafted bar and big quantities of all kind of alcohols. To be frank, it was quite impressive to see this crowd on the beach, getting ready to party, wearing swimsuit (30°C).

Tired by our flight (we arrived in the morning of the 31st) and somewhat a little bit jet-lagged, we wandered off the group to lie down on the sand, closer to the water. There, we had the chance to admire a beautiful sunset.

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The night was really unforgettable. Hanging out shirt-less, going from group to group and ending into the sea… that was great. However, the breathless moment appeared before midnight, where hundreds of people gather on the beach shore to light fireworks and to let fly magic lanterns (little rice paper hot balloons, propelled by pieces of fire-lighting cubes).
Tons of lanterns and colorfull fireworks illuminated the beach. Pure magic and beauty in my opinion.

Mar 7, 2012 - USA, Utah    No Comments

Delicate Arche

Delicate Arche

On my first trip in USA, with a friend we were doing some agricultural work in a peache farm somewhere in Colorado. The owners were kind enough to share an old 4wheel toyota so we had the chance to take a Sunday trip right to Utah.

After a quick stop trough Moab, we went straight to Arches NP. There we decided to take a walk to Delicate Arche not knowing what awaits us. After a hike that felt like ages, we arrived at a small path that run along a cliff and to our right: a big wall. I saw a hole in that wall and I finally climb trough it.

After some efforts, I took step on a small cove with an astoning view of the place you are about to see in the attached picture. Silenced by the marvellous scene, I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t alone. Sitting close to me was somekind of hippie dude smoking pot. He stared at me, smiled and asked “Wanna join me?”. So I just sat there, watched the sunset go down and smoke with this weird-unknow guy.

From that moment, I decided I would always come to this place if the possibility was offered to me. So there I’m, I’ve been in USA 5 times since and everytime I’ve been able (3 on 5), I’ve found myself looking at this same wonderfull view.

Anyway, long story short: If you ever planned, sooner or latter, to travel to USA… make damn sure you don’t miss this place!

This picture was taken on my 4th trip during the summer of 2010.

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Greetings from France.

Mar 4, 2012 - Reunion Island    4 Comments

Website is online! beta

The website is online, in beta version. Beta means bugs and changes so dont panic if something doesn’t work properly, just send me an email and I will look into it.

I will post new pictures regurlarly, twice a week, on wednesday and sunday evening. Don’t be shy and leave comments

A facebook account had be created. It will permit everyone to heard news from this blog, don’t hesitate to subscribed to this account or better, to put me in your friends list. ;D

Finally if you love my work, then spread it. Let your friend and family know.

All my photographs are downlodable in full size right from the Smugmug portfolio. My photographs are protected by Creative Commons, Non-Commercial Licencing. This mean that you are free to use all of my pictures for your personnal use (Wallpaper, blog, facebook…). On the other hand, if you want a commercial licencing, you need to Contact me. Anyway, if you use one of my photographs on any website, you must link it to this website et give credit to Arnaud Fougerouse.

Path along the cliff

I took this picture this winter, during a trip to Reunion Island.

This scene can be observed on the south East shore of the island. This shore is called “the Wild Coast”. Indeed, all the shore is made of black rocks that forms big cliffs. Those cliffs were formed by pretty recent (between 2 and 50 years old) eruption. Actually, all this island was created by volcanic eruption and build by magma. Island Reunion still have one active volcano, Le Piton de la Fournaise. Every year or so, it erupt, leaking thousand and thousands tons of lava wich flowed right to this South East coast, gaining meters after meters on the sea.

I took this picture on a windy day not long before we took off to France. We decided to take a road trip and drive around the island and I found this place.This definitively contrast with the white sand beaches you see on every ad.

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See you soon!