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Apr 25, 2012 - Canada    No Comments

The legendary axe


I am planning some changes on the blog “soon”, maybe a new skin and probably a Newsletter will follow. A Google + account is coming too.
This takes time and I’m actually pretty tied up to my job (a PhD in Oncology) but I plan it to be temporary. Hope to get new pictures real soon, maybe more from Toulouse and around.
I’ll let you now. ūüėÄ

I am out to Belgium this weekend to fulfill my second hobby wich is music. I will try to post the sunday pictures but I can’t promise it.
See you soon.

The Legendary Axe

Ok this one is kind of clich√© for a Canadian picture. ¬†ūüėÄ
This is how most french people see Canadiens: huge beardy guys with squared shirts.

Anyway, I like this one, how the axe shows up, makes me think of a Canadian version of Excalibur. You know the mighty Sword in Stone which gave King Arthur his throne. The one that Merlin put into a rock after Uther Pendragon death.

And by the way, this legend is controversial, some say that the Sword in Stone is not Excalibur and that Excalibur was indeed given to Arthur by The Lady Of The Lake…
Can’t tell for sure, so choose the story that you like the most.

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Apr 22, 2012 - Reunion Island    No Comments

Cap Mechant

This place is called Cap Mechant wich could be translated as Nasty Cape. It is located on the most southern part of Reunion Island.

Its name goes back to the time when Reunion Island was under the influence of the French East India Company, during the 18th century. In that part of the island, the coast is really teared up as it is furiously hit by the heave, and¬†this could be a real danger for every boat trying to reach the shore indeed. The¬†place was a pirate’s lair and people say that there is still some treasures waiting to be found all around.

If you have ever gone to this spot, you have probably met the crazy resident of the place. She is an old lady that spend all her days on the parking lot and talks to anyone who comes close to her. She is kind of famous in Reunion Island and everbody knows her. She talks complete non sense about evil and demon in an crazy and super-fast way. It can be creepy as hell or really funny, depend on your personnality. Yours to decide ūüėČ

Here is the road that leads you to Cap Mechant :

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Apr 18, 2012 - Canada    4 Comments

Moutain chicken

Another picture from Canada for this wednesday. I took this one after a huge hike we made with a friend, an all day hike with something like 1000 meters change in altitude. And we were all packed up with big bags, tents, food and all we needed for the night. When we arrived at the campground, after setting up the tent, I grabbed my camera and hanged around for some shots. This kind of birds were everywhere and they seemed totally unconcerned about humans. I was able to track this one and to take real close shot (as I only got my 18-55mm lens at the time) without him even been disturbed.

Those birds are called white-tailed Ptarmigans. They are some kind of grouses and they are an alpine species. You could find this species from Canadian moutains to Northern Mexican one. As a permanent, above timber-line, resident of high mountains they live in an arsh envirronement and are well adapted to it.
I won’t be thorough, but they got feathered legs and feet that act like snowshoes so they can walk on powder snow.¬†But the most obvious adaptation is their camouflage. In winter when snow is covering every inch, the moutain chicken (as it is sometimes called) is totally white, only for its beak and eyes. In the summer, when the snow melt away, the¬†white-tailed Ptarmigan change its feather color, turning to a¬†mottled grayish-brown (as you can see in the picture) that allow him to perfectly blend-in with its environnment and¬†thus, avoid predation.


Hope you learned something interesting today ;D

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Apr 15, 2012 - Canada    No Comments

Roof of the world

Next trip

I am glad to announce that I took my flight ticket for a month long trip in Asia this summer. The plan is not yet fully achevied but I am flying from Toulouse to Nanning, South China, in August. My return flight takes of from Bangkok, Thailande, one month later. So basically I have that month to cross South China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodge (Angkor temples!) and finally Thailand. Sounds like a hell of a trip. And that means tons of new pictures for you guys!!!

But before that, this sunday picture :

Roof of the world

This is another picture from Canada, when I did a 4 wheel road trip on the rockies with a friend. This picture was taken on the side of a standard forest road. Not much more to say about it.

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Apr 11, 2012 - Reunion Island, Sunset    17 Comments

Door to the chaudron

This door is the guardian to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Reunion Island. The Cascade Chaudron lies at just one and a half hour walk behind this metallic door. This is a big waterfall that gives water to the neighborhood of Le Bretagne in South-Est Saint Denis.

As you can see, the path is closed to public due to its dangerousness. Indeed, you have to follow the big blue pipe that drains the water to the city and that can be pretty perilous from time to time. After avoiding multiple tumbles, walking 100 meters in a pitch black tunnel and stagger on a footbridge destroyed by rock falls. you finally arrive close to the basin.¬†Hopefully, we didn’t see any rock falling during our hike, but judging from the condition of the handrails, it might not be uncommon.

The view up there is so beautiful, the pound is filled by a 200 meters high waterfall and the color of the water is really enchanting. If you are brave enough, you could even take a small bath in some pretty cold water.

If you have the chance to go there, be safe and enjoy the view.


Dont ask me why but I really like the stencilled question-mark. ;D

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Apr 9, 2012 - USA, Utah    No Comments



I plaid guilty, I am late for our sunday Rendez-vous. But I figured that this is a 3 days week-end so it was allowed to post monday morning. ;D
I dont know what you got but in Toulouse, France, weather is really bad, that’s a shame for all the kids who are going to search for wet eggs.
Anyway, Happy Easter everyone.


For those of you wich are not familiar with this kind of object, this is called a Cairn. It is just a man-made stack of rocks and human beings had buildt these pile since prehistoric times for many reasons (landmarks, grave, religious or mystical places…).
Nowadays Cairn could still be use as religious sign like the often decorated mongolian ovoo but the most commons use for cairns in North-america and Northern Europe is to mark mountain bike and hiking trail. So if you are lost and you see one of those, you know that you are on the right path ;D

This particular Cairns indicate the road trought Park Avenue, a small canyon at Arches National Park in Utha.

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Apr 4, 2012 - Florida, USA    No Comments

Disney crane

I took this picture during a winter trip in Florida last year. Not much to say, it was a good day with my friends at…… Disney World!! ūüėõ

Those birds were all over the place, it was really wonderfull to see them wander around not a bit afraid of every child screaming at their sight.

After some research on the net, I found that those birds are cranes. I also found that cranes are mystical and holly creatures in Japan. The crane is also the most famous and most common origami figure in Japan.The tradition says that if you fold one thousand origami cranes, you will be granted a wish such as healthy or long life.

I know this seems like useless knowledge but go there and learn to do it!! (maybe not 1000 ;D )

Make a crane

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Apr 1, 2012 - Church, France    No Comments


Rocamadour is a nice little town in South-Western France. The city is buildt in a gorge, overlooking by 150m the Alzou Canyon, and the view is really astonishing.

There is 631 inhabitants and they mainly earn a living thanks to tourism. Indeed, 1.5 millions people get to visit the place every year. Can you believe it’s almost 2400 tourist by inhabitant? Visitors¬†come here for 2 reasons.

First of all, the city has a huge history, spanning back to 1112. Rocamadour was erected during the XII century and the three layers of the town reflect the three orders of medevial society : Knights on the top, into the castle; Religious clergy in the middle, in the chapels and the basilic; and finally, working class on the bottom, close to the river.

Secondly, the place has been a site of pilgrimages for the last 800 years and still is. Tradition says that the pilgrims must climb, kneeling, the 216 steps that go all the way up to Notre Dame de Rocamadour, to finally pray in front of the Black Madonna. Every year, many pilgrims come from many countries to join their prayers with those of Henry II, Blanche of Castille, Louis IX, Charles IV and so much more.

This place is trully incredible. You can hang around in the city and find new stuff around every corner. If you are in France, close to Toulouse, don’t hesitate and make the trip to see this magical place.

Finally, if you get there, don’t forget to taste the¬†small goat’s milk cheese that was named after the city : Le Rocamadour!! Bon app√©tit! ;D

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