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Agave in Arches

Just a quick picture from USA. I am working full time renovating my new home so not much time for photography ;(

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Natural pool of Aïtone

I am Late!!

As you surely notice, I am not really precise with my sunday pictures. I am in the process of quitting my job, I have to prepare my Asian Trip and above all, I’ve just bought a house and I spend most of my time workings there. So I don’t have as much time as I want for this blog. The situation will be solved pretty soon and I might be able to repost two times a week.

Natural Pool in Evisa

This are one of the many natural pools that can be found North of the small town of Evisa, in East Corsica. We didn’t plan to go there, but fortunately we run out of gas ;D
True story, we were coming back from Piana to Bastia and the gas gauge was pretty low.
We stopped at the only gas station for a 50 miles radius, to found out that they were closed between noon and 15pm… Recklessly, we tried to get to the next town but we took the wrong road!!! After 20 kilometers in the lands, we run out of gas in the small town of Evisa. One of us sacrificed himself and took the bus to get few liters of gasoline on the next town. During his boring trip, the rest of us ate a nice steak with fries and took a small hike to finally discover those wonderfull natural pools. We took a dive, chilled out a couple hours and hitchike just to get back in time to welcome our savior!!


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As you may know, I just got back from Murcia, in the South of Spain. Didn’t quite take as many pictures as I was expecting. The weather was extremely hot, 42°C! so we mainly chilled out in the house and the pool, drinking Corona and eating tapas. That was a great relaxing week but not very productive for photography   ;D

The Orphanage

The following picture was taken in a big abandoned mansion called Castle Olite. It was named after a boat that was sunk by the Republican batteries in the bay of Cartagena during the Spanish Civil War. The weckrage of the boat results in almost 1500 death. The place was first used as an orphanage before and during the war. It became a sanatorium after the war, to finally be turned into a school for mentally disabled children. It kind of hard to find somes intels on the place but it is supposed to have been closed during the late 60’s  under the suspicion of physical and psychological abuses… This place is surrounded by mysteries and a spanish movie team made some footage there. You can find it there : They allegedly record some dead people voices. I am not going to discuss the veracity of their experiences, make your own opinion ;D

We took a creepy and frail stairway to get to the 2nd floor and we stumbled open this two pigeons that were looking at each other.