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Ta Prohm, Angkor Part I

Angkor Part I

This is the first post about Angkor, but there is more to come as the place really inspired me and I took so muuch photographs. As I will writing post and sending pixs about it, I will put a link at the bottom of each post to link them between one another. I will do the same with children of Mekong and few others locations. Stay tuned.

Ta Prohm

So finally, here my first photograph of Angkor complex in Cambodia.
For those not aware of it, Angkor is a big archaeological site where stand the remain of what had been the largest preindustrial city in the world. Angkor will stand as the capital of the Khmer empire from the 9th century to the 15th century. Some scientist team advance that at its apex, the city would have hosted more than 1 million inhabitants… Really, the city is soooo huge, it spread for 1000 square kilometers and even if most of the housing are long gone, temples and palaces still stays and stand their grounds against the assault of vegetation.

Precisely this picture was taken on the temple of Tha Phrom, wich was semi-restore to keep the feeling of jungle invasion. And it’s really great! If you get there at the good time (which is essential to avoid hordes of tourists) you can really feel like a child again, lost in your adventurers fantasy after watching too much Indiana Jones. You know what I’m talking about ;D

For the story, this temple was build in 1186 by the emperor and god king Jayavarman VII and at the time, more than 12 640 people lived there.
This is also the place where Tomb Raider the movie was shot, at least partially.

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4000 islands

Here is a picture from Laos. Specifically the 4000 island region at the southern tip of Laos. A place where the Mekong split into hundreds rapids known as the Khon Falls.

We spent few days on Don Det island which is linked to Don Khon island by an old french railway. This 7 km railroad was built in 1890 in order to avoid the Khon Falls and to help french transport vessels, freight and passengers along the Mekong river. It was closed at the end of the World War II in 1949 and it remained the only opened and operated railway in Laos until 2009.
Nowadays there is no rail left but you can ride or walk the old road along these two island crossing rice field and encountering lots of waterfalls and greats viewpoints of the Mekong river.
The islands are really peaceful and without much to do it is still a good place to chill out, far away from stressful Asian city. Highly recommended!!

As I forgot to turn off minimum shutter speed option, it turns out much more noisy than I was expecting… Disappointing but the result is good enough isn’t it?

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Dead Palm

Here is a picture from Koh Chang island in Thailand. Had some good times there. Just chilled out and relax.
We rent some motorbikes to go around the island and we did found some good spots, lots of waterfall, an abandonned road that lead directly to the jungle and I also had the chance to spent few hours alone on a rusty abandonned worldwar II era Landing Ship. Pics are coming…

I took so much pictures during this trip. I got some projects on the way : Children of the Mekong, Angkor Temples and so on…
Lot of work! Stay tuned.

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