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Merry christmas!!

All right this is Christmas already.

My professional situation is getting clearer, and I start planning my next trips. I will say more about it in my next post, for now, let’s Christmas talk!

Your Christmas present is a photography of the oldest district of Bergen : Bryggen wich is listed on the Unesco World Culture heritages sites.

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Blue hour in Bergen

Here is a picture of Bergen during the blue hour. It means that it is 16h30.
I took this picture on my way down of Fløyen, the most visited of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. You have to take a nice funicular to reach a platform 300 meters above the city. The view is astonishing, but the weather wasn’t kind with me, snowing and raining added to an grayish sky made my task of taking photographs difficult.

Winter is definitively not the best time to go to Norway. Combine bad weather and frozen roads with an indecent cost of life and you don’t get the most wisely chosen destination. Everyone can make mistake ;D

Blue hour in Bergen, Norway

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Lonely Piano

Bergen, Norway

I just arrived in Bergen this morning, weather is bad but it not as cold as expected.
I will stay here one week before returning to France.
Bergen is known to be the getaway to the Norwegian Fjord.
If the snowing stop, I will definitively try to go on a little hike and take some pictures.

Lonely Piano

Another urbex picture for today, This one was took in an abandoned castle in Toulouse. The castle has been left to die many years ago but it was well locked. Fews months back someone managed to open it and since, the castle has suffer more than in all its history, squatters, taggers and thieves have taken their toll and soon enough there will be nothing left of it. It’s a shame cause the place was really pretty with many rooms, a huge living room with a wonderful piano as you can see below and a really nice garden. Many belongings still remain in the castle, with clothes inside closets and many partitions and vintage pictures in the children’s rooms.

In Bonus you got that nice picture I took during one of our exploration in an abandoned factory.

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Angkor Part II

I am still really busy right now so just a quick picture.

Born in the Bayon

Here is another picture from Angkor complex in Cambodia.

This is my favorites temple of all, we had the chance to spend a sunset and a sunrise almost alone hanging around the temple, it was wonderful.

It really striking how was built this temples, no masonry, only big rocks on top of one another and still it is here after more than a thousand years.

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Here is others pictures of Angkor : Angkor Part I