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Just Another Waterfall

Race to the White House

After few unexpected encounters, I found some friends and I had the chance to spend one night in the desert, in the company of a Mexican photographer and a German poet. The environment was wonderful and walking, by night, far from the camp, alone in the dark, surrounded only by silence, sand and stars, was an incredible experience… We also had the chance to be hosted In an amazing berbere house at the center of an huge Palm field.
Now we are on a bus, for a 12h night drive to the coast and the big city of Casablanca. my thigh and back are still hurting from the camel rides but sleep is already coming for me.

Just Another Waterfall

It’s been quite some times since my last photograph of Asia. This one picture a wonderful waterfall in Laos Bolaven plateau. The fall was great but the little rope bridge straight out of Indiana jones movies that we took to get there was so awesome!

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Le Piton de la Fournaise

On my way to Zagora

I’m off to the East. 8 hours bus drive to Zagora.
My times in Essaouira were really good. The city is beautiful and peaceful compared to Marrakech, I spend so much time wandering around the small streets.
I had fun and met a lot of interesting and charming people, had great talks about anything either in French or in English, drank liters of tea in front of Gnaou local bands, smoked some weed listening to rock’n’roll on top of a lonely terrace, shared a couch and an apartment to spare few euros…
And I Also got some nice pictures, wonderful sunsets and nice long exposures of the sea.

Le Piton de la Fournaise

This one date back from my trip in December 2011 in reunion island. We went on a beautiful day, a little too early, for a nice hike on the crater of the last active volcano of reunion island. The way to the top is incredible. The volcano has dug himself a huge crater that cut trought the rocks and go directly to the sea. So every year or so, when an eruption happens, most of the lava just flow trough those natural barriers and go straigh to the sea.
You have to get there early cause after few hours of daylight, clouds begin to accumulate in the crater and soon the visibility is reduced to zero. You can see in my picture the clouds coming our way, the good part is that when you are at the top, you are above the clouds. It give the same feeling you have when you are on a plane but you are free to go. What a wonderful view. Must do!

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Storm on the Fjords

News from morocco

Here I am in a bus going to Essaouira, the “Saint Malo” of Africa according to my guide.
I can’t wait to take a look at this old city and its fishing harbor. As a matter of fact, even with the wonderful light, I didn’t managed to take as much pictures as I wanted in Marrakech. There, every photograph you take have to be payed for and negotiated. And to be perfectly frank with you, negotiating isn’t my best skill.

Storm on the Fjords

A new picture from my brief times in Norway last November. Despite the snow and the crazy prices, we rented a car for a day and went to discover the Fjords.
Seriously, how much tunnels can men build? That was crazy!!
After some times underground, we finally reached some wonderful landscapes, and a storm was coming!
Winds strike us so fast I almost took off when I went to take that picture. It was freezing but I felt good fighting against the wind, getting splashed by the big waves crashing on the coast… I knew that the sweet heated car was waiting for me ;D

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Here is a photograph from the wonderful gardens of Versailles. This place is called “le bosquet de l’Encelade”, it was built in 1675 by André Le Nôtre for Louis XIV.
At his center lie a circular pond from which emerge a huge sculpture of Enceladus.
In Greek Mythology, Enceladus was one of the Giants who made war upon the gods. He was killed by Zeus, by a flash of lightning and buried under a rain of rocks at mount Aetna.
The sculpture represent the fall of Enceladus, buried in rocks, a huge water-jet going out from his mouth.

The place is supposed to be a warning for Louis XIV’s adversaries and was build after the victory of the monarchy against the french riots of La Fronde in the 1650’s.