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Blue hour on Essaouira

As you might already know, Essaouira is a small harbor on the West coast of Morocco. The town is really peaceful and inspiring, I spend few days walking around the Medina and I met some wonderful peoples.
Essaouira was buildt in the 18th century on the orders of the sultan Mohamed III to host a harbor and a naval base where his soldiers could launch raid on Agadir to subdue the rebellion.
The construction was directed by a french engineer, Théodore Cornut. He built the city with the help of french prisoner of war who where captured and held by Moroccan after the failed attack of the city of Larache in 1765.
Cornut designed the outer wall of the city just as the walls of Saint Malo, a small fortified harbor in Brittany (northwestern France).

My first Three days I spend all my late afternoon waiting for the sunset on the rocks in front of the town trying to get something close to this picture. After 2 bad sunset and one high tide I finally was able to capture this photograph which I am pretty happy with.

What do you think?

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Walking Vietnamese

A picture from Vietnam for today.
This is the Thien Mu Pagoda which lie on the bank of the Perfume river. This pagoda is the first and only free boat stop on the road to Hue’s Royal Tombs.
It’s a really nice place and you can walk around the gardens and see the life of Buddhists monks.

I still got so much pictures from Asia to process. But next one will be from Morroco, I swear!!

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The Queen’s Hamlet

Back to Eassouira

After doing some hitchhiking with my couchsurfings hosts, we were lucky enough to find a wonderful couple that took us to different beaches along the coast and we really had a great day.
These guys were so friendly that they even offered to drive us to our next stop, a last day and night in Essaouira…
That night in Essaouira was good and we met some nice people, talked a lot and smoked too much shisha.
Now I am alone in the bus to Marrakech and I will flight to Paris then Krakow, Poland tomorrow morning.

My stay in morocco was short but very intense, I met so much welcoming, friendly, crazy, lovely and caring people. Thanks everyone.
And I did took some great photograph.

Next step is a month in Japan in march.

The Queen’s Hamlet

This ones comes from the Chateau de Versailles, Marie-Antoinette, who was bored of the Court of Versailles and all its ostentation, ordered the construction of a small village inside the gardens of Versailles.
The place is really rustic and perfect to hang around after a long day in the castle. The sun was going down, swans were swimming in the artificial lake and I was almost alone in the hamlet.