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Sunset on Essaouira

After few days of wonderful, clear blue sky, I was longing for some clouds. As a photographer I like my clouds and a bit of drama in the sky.
After the sun came the rain, and with it lots of amazing nimbus. At the end of the day, as expected, the sunset was magnificent with colors going from gold to pink and orange. I was waiting on top of the battlements to have a good view of the ocean and the harbor in the background. As the sun went down I screwed an ND filter onto my lens and took this long exposure shot.


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Children of the Mekong Part III

Farewell Japan

I am currently in an business building, waiting for the sun to go down so I can take a photograph of Yokohama cityscape. My journey in Japan is almost over, I still got few days left but I can feel that my times here are counted.
I had good times in Kansai, Kyoto was beautiful though a little bit busy for me in the tourist area.

My trip here in Japan was amazing, I would like to thanks everyone I met traveling, those who helped me either offering a place to stay, some clues on how to survive or just a nice moment. And also all the helpful Japanese people who even without speaking English were quite friendly!
Thanks all and see you around the world!
Stay tuned for the pictures.

Children of the Mekong

Another picture of children that I took when traveling around South East Asia.
This is from a small village in Laos, in the Bolaven plateau. There is a tribe here, famous for smoking water pipe all the time. This girl was picking up peanuts and she had found a good way to smoke without using her hand!


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The Bedouin

Welcome to Kansai

Hi There, it’s been a long time. Too much adventures, too few wifi…
Anyway after amazing times in Kumamoto, a wonderful sunset on the castle and some exhausting hikes around the volcano Aso-San, I went to Hiroshima. Despite the fact that the city was entirely destroyed in World War Two, it’s a nice place to be. I made some wonderful encounters and we went hitting the city’s bar looking for Stephen.
Long story short, we did found Stephen’s bar after too much walk, too many beers and too much asking around! Now I am in the Kansai part of Japan, wandering around Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

The Bedouin

This is another picture of my brief times in the Sahara desert in Morocco.
After spending the night in a tent in the middle of the desert, we woke up early to go back home. The camels were waiting for us but I wasn’t really happy about the 2 and half hour ride that was ahead of us. I rode horses a few times but don’t really liked it, but the camel was a pain in the ass. You are basically sitting between the two Humps of the beast, with just a blanket to temper the movement… The camel is rocking back and forth and it is not really comfortable for us men, if you know what I mean. At one point I got so bored of the camel that I jumped out of it and just walked along the caravan.
Anyway during our way back we crossed this guy I quickly grab the camera and took my shoot, which is really good I think!