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Sep 30, 2013 - Japan    No Comments

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku

A picture from Shinjuku in Tokyo. I went there hoping to take some sunset pictures from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The point is no tripod are allowed up there ;S
I had to think outside the box so I just went back to the lobby and instead of the tourist express elevator, I took one of the staff elevator and climb up to the 40th floor. There I was almost alone and I easily found a break room where I had the time to take all the pictures I wanted, with my tripod!
Before going back to the city and my youth hostel, I grab this shot of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

After that experience, I learned my lesson :  if you go inside a building and took an elevator, just pretending you belong here, everything will be fine!

Sep 23, 2013 - belgium, Europe    No Comments

Gent by night

Just after getting back from Japan, I spend two weeks on my own driving around Belgium. People often ask me why in hell I went traveling in Belgium.
Belgium doesn’t seem appealing to them.
To be frank, I really like Belgium, good beer, nice people and amazing cities. I had wonderful evenings, wandering around the old medieval buildings and canals in cities like Bruges or Gent. Here one of the view :

Sep 17, 2013 - Europe, Iceland    No Comments

The Sun Voyager

Hey folks, it’s been a long time! I have been really busy lately, working on my house and learning manual blending trough photoshop!
Actually this is my first image processed with manual blending, I hope you will like it.

This sculpture can be found close to the sea in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. Despite its appearance, it’s not supposed to be a Drakkar (vikings boat). Named Sólfar or The sun Voyager, it depict a dreamboat, sailing for the sun, bringing hopes of discoveries, hope and progress. Designed by Jón Gunnar’s in 1988 for the two hundred anniversary of the city, it was placed at its present location in 1990, a year after gunnar’s death. It’s nowadays one of the most photographed monument in Reykjavík.

Sep 2, 2013 - Europe, Iceland    No Comments

The Fog

It’s almost one in the morning, I am still driving around Iceland on Highway 1, looking for a good place to set my tent.
I have just arrived in the small village of Vík í Mýrdal on the south coast of Iceland. I decide to stop here to cook me some well-deserved dinner when I see huge clouds coming from the mountains.

They roll down on me like an avalanche, the wind is freezing, I can feel the cold trough my snow wear. Rest can wait, I need to capture this eerie feeling!
Everything is covered in a blanket of fog. I start the car again and drive for few minutes before finding this nice church. I set my equipment and take few pictures. Another car park close to mine and a photographer get out, set his tripod and join me to capture this moment. Ten minutes later we move on, no words was exchanged.