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Fox temple

Here is the entrance of the famous Fushimi-Inari shrines in Kyoto. (See Thousand Torii post here).

The Messengers of Inari Kami (spirits/gods in shintoism) are foxes or kitsune. There are plenty depictions of foxes around the shrine, you can see two statues here, one on each side of the main temple. Foxes are often depicted with the key of the rice granary in their mouths. I have not a single clue why is that ;D

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Nov 12, 2013 - Europe, Iceland    1 Comment

Icelandic horse

Here is another photograph taken during our road trip around Iceland last summer. I couldn’t come home without taking a picture of this symbol of Iceland named Icelandic horse.

They are a special breed, the only that you could find in Iceland because The government strictly forbid entry of any horses in its country. The breed has a double coat for better insulation in winter and two unique gaits (five gaits total).