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Inside San Giorgio Cathedral

This is a picture I took in the San Giorgio Cathedral in Ferrara, northern Italy.
Saint George is the patron saint of the city of Ferrara which was qualified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site for its beauty and its cultural importance.
I wandered around with my tripod and all my gear, taking time to capture the nave but I was quickly told by a guard that the use of tripod wasn’t allowed inside…
I went for the exit and kneeled down in front of the altar, discreetly taking one or two pictures of the devout folks praying.

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Jan 5, 2014 - Europe, Italy    1 Comment

Venice blue hour

Another shot of the blue hour on Venice. This is the basilica San Maria de salute seen from across the grand canal!
Technically, it was a tought one, I had to combine different pictures. One long exposure for the sky and the details of the basilica, and another high ISO/high shutter speed to get the gondola still. I am pretty happy with the result!


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