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The flooded Stairs

As a photographer, you sometimes have to venture out the main roads to grab a nice picture.
On my short stay in Plitivice National Park, one of the path was closed due to high water level.
I still went ahead in the closed path and the trail was actually flooded by the waterfall. Some part of it had even collapsed under the water.
In spite of that, I choose to continue on my way, being really careful. I pulled up my pants and soaked my shoes in the cold water.
Here is the way down!

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In the background we can see the wooden path from which I took this picture :

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The Doll house

This is one of the many isolated houses that you can encounter when driving around Iceland.
I really like this picture, the moss covered lava field in the foreground, the colored house and the waterfall in the back. I wonder how it would be to actually live here, far from anything else.

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Mount Aso

It’s been a long time since my last picture from Japan.
Here is one I took in Mount Aso, the biggest active Volcano in Japan.
It is surrounded by one of the biggest caldera in the worlds, and it is composed of 5 peaks that lies in the center of the caldera.
Due to meteorological condition and deadly sulfurous gases, I hadn’t the chance to reach the crater of Mt. Nakadake.
Instead I spend many hours hiking in some incredible landscapes around two steaming lake, surrounded by the 5 peaks.

And is there any best way to relax after a long hiking day than immerse yourself in a hot Onsen!

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Mont Saint Michel

The Marvellous Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France.

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Another pictures and more intel on Mont Saint Michel : Here

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Snæfellsnes Fjords

Between two car rentals, I had few spare days. So I decided to hitchhike to the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Finding a ride was pretty easy, and in less than an hour I was with two nice girls on my way to a small fisherman village called Grundarfjörður.

The fact is the sky had other plans. As soon as we arrived, it began pouring and it didn’t stop for the last 36 hours!

My 2 nights 2 days can be resumed as followed :

Deserted camp site, pouring rain, leaking tent, furious wind, Chinese noodles, pouring rain, lemon tea…

I spend the next 36 hours alone in my tent, bored to death with nothing to do than trying to sleep…
As soon as the sun came back, I packed my stuff and headed back to the Capital, longing for a bed, a shower and some dry shoes!
I did took the time to take this picture :

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