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Children of the Mekong Part III

Farewell Japan

I am currently in an business building, waiting for the sun to go down so I can take a photograph of Yokohama cityscape. My journey in Japan is almost over, I still got few days left but I can feel that my times here are counted.
I had good times in Kansai, Kyoto was beautiful though a little bit busy for me in the tourist area.

My trip here in Japan was amazing, I would like to thanks everyone I met traveling, those who helped me either offering a place to stay, some clues on how to survive or just a nice moment. And also all the helpful Japanese people who even without speaking English were quite friendly!
Thanks all and see you around the world!
Stay tuned for the pictures.

Children of the Mekong

Another picture of children that I took when traveling around South East Asia.
This is from a small village in Laos, in the Bolaven plateau. There is a tribe here, famous for smoking water pipe all the time. This girl was picking up peanuts and she had found a good way to smoke without using her hand!


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The doorstep to adventures

News from Tokyo

I am on my flight to Tokyo, writing the post for today picture. I am going to spend 1 month in Japan, mostly in the south in order to witness the famous sakura, or blossom of the cherries trees.

I have prepared some pictures to post during my journey, most of them are from morroco or from Asia. As I didn’t bring any computer, it will be hard for me to put some stuff from Japan, apart iPhone stuff, so you will have to wait for my return !

The doorstep to adventures

Today’s picture is another one from the Angkor complex in Cambodia. The place is really amazing and a must see for every fan of Indiana Jones, Tomb raider or any old building lover.
I really like this photograph, it give a nice impression of what you could see if you beat the crowd by waking up early to see the temples.

I am not quite sure but I think this is Ta Prohm. These small temples, lost in the forest, might not be the most impressing by their architecture but the fight between rocks and vegetation, humain and nature, is a wonder to the eyes.


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Angkor Part II

I am still really busy right now so just a quick picture.

Born in the Bayon

Here is another picture from Angkor complex in Cambodia.

This is my favorites temple of all, we had the chance to spend a sunset and a sunrise almost alone hanging around the temple, it was wonderful.

It really striking how was built this temples, no masonry, only big rocks on top of one another and still it is here after more than a thousand years.

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Here is others pictures of Angkor : Angkor Part I




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Ta Prohm, Angkor Part I

Angkor Part I

This is the first post about Angkor, but there is more to come as the place really inspired me and I took so muuch photographs. As I will writing post and sending pixs about it, I will put a link at the bottom of each post to link them between one another. I will do the same with children of Mekong and few others locations. Stay tuned.

Ta Prohm

So finally, here my first photograph of Angkor complex in Cambodia.
For those not aware of it, Angkor is a big archaeological site where stand the remain of what had been the largest preindustrial city in the world. Angkor will stand as the capital of the Khmer empire from the 9th century to the 15th century. Some scientist team advance that at its apex, the city would have hosted more than 1 million inhabitants… Really, the city is soooo huge, it spread for 1000 square kilometers and even if most of the housing are long gone, temples and palaces still stays and stand their grounds against the assault of vegetation.

Precisely this picture was taken on the temple of Tha Phrom, wich was semi-restore to keep the feeling of jungle invasion. And it’s really great! If you get there at the good time (which is essential to avoid hordes of tourists) you can really feel like a child again, lost in your adventurers fantasy after watching too much Indiana Jones. You know what I’m talking about ;D

For the story, this temple was build in 1186 by the emperor and god king Jayavarman VII and at the time, more than 12 640 people lived there.
This is also the place where Tomb Raider the movie was shot, at least partially.

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