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The doorstep to adventures

News from Tokyo

I am on my flight to Tokyo, writing the post for today picture. I am going to spend 1 month in Japan, mostly in the south in order to witness the famous sakura, or blossom of the cherries trees.

I have prepared some pictures to post during my journey, most of them are from morroco or from Asia. As I didn’t bring any computer, it will be hard for me to put some stuff from Japan, apart iPhone stuff, so you will have to wait for my return !

The doorstep to adventures

Today’s picture is another one from the Angkor complex in Cambodia. The place is really amazing and a must see for every fan of Indiana Jones, Tomb raider or any old building lover.
I really like this photograph, it give a nice impression of what you could see if you beat the crowd by waking up early to see the temples.

I am not quite sure but I think this is Ta Prohm. These small temples, lost in the forest, might not be the most impressing by their architecture but the fight between rocks and vegetation, humain and nature, is a wonder to the eyes.


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Angkor Part II

I am still really busy right now so just a quick picture.

Born in the Bayon

Here is another picture from Angkor complex in Cambodia.

This is my favorites temple of all, we had the chance to spend a sunset and a sunrise almost alone hanging around the temple, it was wonderful.

It really striking how was built this temples, no masonry, only big rocks on top of one another and still it is here after more than a thousand years.

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Here is others pictures of Angkor : Angkor Part I