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Walking Vietnamese

A picture from Vietnam for today.
This is the Thien Mu Pagoda which lie on the bank of the Perfume river. This pagoda is the first and only free boat stop on the road to Hue’s Royal Tombs.
It’s a really nice place and you can walk around the gardens and see the life of Buddhists monks.

I still got so much pictures from Asia to process. But next one will be from Morroco, I swear!!

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Beautiful door in the Imperial City

Versailles in Autumn

I was in Paris last week and take the time to visit some of the most beautiful castles around. I want to “le Chateau de Versailles” and had a great time there. It’s so incredible how big it is. I spend most of the day taking pictures in gardens, strolling from fountain to copses, feeling like a Prince with nothing else to worry about than watching leaves falling to the ground. Pictures will be on their way soon!

Imperial City

This is one of the many doors that can be found in the imperial city of Hué in Vietnam.
The city was built in the first decades of the 19th century. At the time, the Purple Forbidden City was a real wonder.
But during Vietnam war, the city took real damage. The US army counter-attack after the Tet offensive in January 1968 led to a terrible bloodbath and the destruction of most of the city.
More than 13 000 people died during the fight. Mostly Vietcong soldiers and civilians (almost 5000 civilians died, most of them executed by Vietcongs).
Out of more than 160 buildings in the Imperial City, only 10 remains.
As you walk across the imperial city, bullet holes in the walls remind you of those terrible times.
But since the war, renovation works has been done trying to recover the former beauty of the city and the remaining buildings are really in good condition, it was really pleasant to walk around the place, getting lost between the alleys and the canals, under the stunning heat of the Vietnamese sun.

Door in Imperial city in Hué