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Aug 21, 2012 - Asia, China    1 Comment

One night in Nanning


After few days in China and a week in Vietnam, we arrived to Laos.
I read some stuff about Lao people being real nice and all, but I didn’t quite believed it, occidental cynicism. Truth is I was wrong. After one week with the feeling to be rob at every move we made, after paying far more than needed to corrupted border patrol officers, crossing to Laos was kind of a relief : Lao people are really charming! Everyone is smiling and no one tried to scam us or make us pay five time the price. Relaxing…


Here is a picture from the beginning of our trip. The picture was taken in a parc, in Nanning, China. Nanning is a “small” provincial town of 4 millions souls in South East of China. Here you can real feel the dichotomy of chinese overgrowing society. In this town of farmers and provincial people, the old life with noisy, steamy and overcrowded markets, can go along with skyscrapers and mandatory electric motorcycles. Few years back, this town was nothing and now you can see construction cranes everywhere and a flourishing economy.

In my sense, this picture can give an idea of this phenomenon, from the traditional building and pond in the foreground, to the growing futuristic look of the building in the background.