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Sunrise over Mont Saint Michel

I was in Paris few days ago and I decided to go see the Mont Saint Michel which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is truly an amazing island. You can walk there during low tides but it is surrounded by water on high tides.
The island is composed of small well conserved houses surrounding a huge abbey which sits on top of the city.
The abbey itself is a marvel of architecture and a visit is a must see despite the 9 euros you have to pay.
I woke up around 6:30 to go for a one hour hike in the swamp of the bay, guided by my compass, so the sun would rise in the good place for a picture. It was worth it, I was welcomed by a wonderful sunrise, clouds in the skies reflecting the red and orange light all over. Here is the result.

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The Wawel Cathedral

Just a quick picture from Krakow. I am currently preparing my trip to Japan so I am quite busy ;D

Even if I really enjoyed my stay in Krakow, thanks to the beautiful city, good food and cheap beer, I don’t have a lot of good pictures from Poland. I had to travel light on Easy Jet so I couldn’t bring my tripod and all my lenses.
Anyway here is one picture from the Wavel Cathedral inside the Royal Castle. The full name of the cathedral is the Royal Arch-cathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus on the Wawel Hill.
Oh my god!

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Rocamadour is a nice little town in South-Western France. The city is buildt in a gorge, overlooking by 150m the Alzou Canyon, and the view is really astonishing.

There is 631 inhabitants and they mainly earn a living thanks to tourism. Indeed, 1.5 millions people get to visit the place every year. Can you believe it’s almost 2400 tourist by inhabitant? Visitors come here for 2 reasons.

First of all, the city has a huge history, spanning back to 1112. Rocamadour was erected during the XII century and the three layers of the town reflect the three orders of medevial society : Knights on the top, into the castle; Religious clergy in the middle, in the chapels and the basilic; and finally, working class on the bottom, close to the river.

Secondly, the place has been a site of pilgrimages for the last 800 years and still is. Tradition says that the pilgrims must climb, kneeling, the 216 steps that go all the way up to Notre Dame de Rocamadour, to finally pray in front of the Black Madonna. Every year, many pilgrims come from many countries to join their prayers with those of Henry II, Blanche of Castille, Louis IX, Charles IV and so much more.

This place is trully incredible. You can hang around in the city and find new stuff around every corner. If you are in France, close to Toulouse, don’t hesitate and make the trip to see this magical place.

Finally, if you get there, don’t forget to taste the small goat’s milk cheese that was named after the city : Le Rocamadour!! Bon appétit! ;D

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Church Saint Aubin


This post is for everyone who goes around churches and won’t even mind to get inside.
Just get in, push the heavy doors and follow the light!! with the good timing you might have a mystic vision. ;D
Seriously, I am not a believer myself, but I love churches. I miss my words but when you walk inside, you just feel like shrinking in.
Truly, this places are (in europe at least) the gardians of our history, some are here since centuries and still up.

And you what do you feel when you take the first step in those silent and imposent monster??

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