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Genoese tower

One of the many Genoese towers in Corsica. These towers where part of a coastal system of defense erected by the Republic of Genoa between 1530 and 1620 to protect the Island againt pirates.
This one is the tower of Santa Maria at the northern Cap Corse.

Genoese tower

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Natural pool of Aïtone

I am Late!!

As you surely notice, I am not really precise with my sunday pictures. I am in the process of quitting my job, I have to prepare my Asian Trip and above all, I’ve just bought a house and I spend most of my time workings there. So I don’t have as much time as I want for this blog. The situation will be solved pretty soon and I might be able to repost two times a week.

Natural Pool in Evisa

This are one of the many natural pools that can be found North of the small town of Evisa, in East Corsica. We didn’t plan to go there, but fortunately we run out of gas ;D
True story, we were coming back from Piana to Bastia and the gas gauge was pretty low.
We stopped at the only gas station for a 50 miles radius, to found out that they were closed between noon and 15pm… Recklessly, we tried to get to the next town but we took the wrong road!!! After 20 kilometers in the lands, we run out of gas in the small town of Evisa. One of us sacrificed himself and took the bus to get few liters of gasoline on the next town. During his boring trip, the rest of us ate a nice steak with fries and took a small hike to finally discover those wonderfull natural pools. We took a dive, chilled out a couple hours and hitchike just to get back in time to welcome our savior!!


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Cap Corse


As I already said, Corsica was great. I didn’t spend enough time back there, only 5 days… I might go back again later, but now is time to prepare my great Asian trip! One month, 5 countries and thousands miles ahead of me. Sounds good!

Let’s talk about Corsica for now. In an ancient post, I spoked about the rattling fact that every roadsign in USA get shot. I was wondering if it was the same elsewhere in the world… I partly got an answer when driving around Corsica.
Every damn road sign got their share of lead too. Still don’t know what is the meaning of that (or if it is just a hobby) but it sure scare the foreigner ;D

Here, two quick pictures of Corsica : our welcoming sign and the reflection of our departure on the ferry window.


Cap Corse

Here is the first post-processed picture from Corsica. I took it during our first day, when we went hiking on the far end of the Cap Corse.

The Cap Corse is a 40km long peninsula located at the Northern tip of the island. It’s the pointing finger of Corsica. La Sierra, a mountain chain, lies inside the finger, giving it a beautiful hilly look.

All around the Cap Corse are buildt Genoese Towers, that are the heritage of the Genoese occupation of Corsica from 1347 to 1729. These Towers were erected at the request of communities to protect villages against the pirates. They spread all around Corsica, with one third concentrated around Cap Corse.
Here is a photography of the Finocchariola Island with its collapsing Genoese Tower.

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I got back to Corsica just in time to take the road straight to Spain. I will sleep in Barcelona tonight and drive south on the morning. I am going to Murcia south of Spain.
I will finally quit my job pretty soon and I will try to make a living trough photography. As I am going to travel much during the next year, I add a map on the left of the blog that point where I am. So now you can follow me from behind your screen. How cool is that??


Corsica was great. Had so much fun back there. I got plenty of pictures too but they are stuck on my memory card… I got some software issues with my Nikon and my MBP. Anyway I manage to get some so here is one just for you.
We took the night ferry, 5hour night sleeping on the iron floor of the boat. Hard times. But to welcome us in Corsica, we got this beautiful sunrise, seen from the front deck of the boat. Enjoy!