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Here I am in Bastia after a rough night sleeping on the floor of the ferry. Not much time to talk cause we are leaving for a small hike in Cap Corse. See you soon.


A picture from florida. These guys are everywhere and they are not really afraid of humans.

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Lost canoe

Sooner than expected

That’s it guys, my next trip is really close. Next Monday I will go for a week to Corsica, which is a small french island in the Mediterranean Sea.
We are going to be just two photographers, so we might woke up early to capture some sunrises  ;D
I really hope to bring back some beautiful pictures for you guys.
After that, I will follow on with another week abroad, in south of Spain to be precise. Then Asia for august!
I am excited, so much adventures to come!!!

Lost canoe

This one is from my trip to Florida a year ago. I flight to join the on-going 3 month roadtrip of two friends. I met them in Miami and stuck with them for 2 weeks around the Sunshine State. That was really cool. We went to The Keys, where we couldn’t find anywhere to sleep, took some time to chill on the Everglades and went all the way up to Orlando to salute Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring much pictures home.
I took this photograph during a two days/15 miles canoe trip in the Hell’s Bay Mangrove Swamp. That was an exhausting journey and the liters of beer we drank on the way, didn’t really helped ;D
After much detour (everything looked the same), we finally arrived at the chickee around 6pm. Chickees are elevated wooden platforms constructed over open water, they give canoeists the opportunity to stay in the mangrove swamp overnight.
There we met a nice couple that was kind enough to share a bottle of wine with us. So we sat there, drank and watch the sunset to finally called it a night really early.
I took this picture the following evening on our way home, when we stopped at some pier to have lunch.

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Disney crane

I took this picture during a winter trip in Florida last year. Not much to say, it was a good day with my friends at…… Disney World!! 😛

Those birds were all over the place, it was really wonderfull to see them wander around not a bit afraid of every child screaming at their sight.

After some research on the net, I found that those birds are cranes. I also found that cranes are mystical and holly creatures in Japan. The crane is also the most famous and most common origami figure in Japan.The tradition says that if you fold one thousand origami cranes, you will be granted a wish such as healthy or long life.

I know this seems like useless knowledge but go there and learn to do it!! (maybe not 1000 ;D )

Make a crane

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