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The Queen’s Hamlet

Back to Eassouira

After doing some hitchhiking with my couchsurfings hosts, we were lucky enough to find a wonderful couple that took us to different beaches along the coast and we really had a great day.
These guys were so friendly that they even offered to drive us to our next stop, a last day and night in Essaouira…
That night in Essaouira was good and we met some nice people, talked a lot and smoked too much shisha.
Now I am alone in the bus to Marrakech and I will flight to Paris then Krakow, Poland tomorrow morning.

My stay in morocco was short but very intense, I met so much welcoming, friendly, crazy, lovely and caring people. Thanks everyone.
And I did took some great photograph.

Next step is a month in Japan in march.

The Queen’s Hamlet

This ones comes from the Chateau de Versailles, Marie-Antoinette, who was bored of the Court of Versailles and all its ostentation, ordered the construction of a small village inside the gardens of Versailles.
The place is really rustic and perfect to hang around after a long day in the castle. The sun was going down, swans were swimming in the artificial lake and I was almost alone in the hamlet.

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Here is a photograph from the wonderful gardens of Versailles. This place is called “le bosquet de l’Encelade”, it was built in 1675 by André Le Nôtre for Louis XIV.
At his center lie a circular pond from which emerge a huge sculpture of Enceladus.
In Greek Mythology, Enceladus was one of the Giants who made war upon the gods. He was killed by Zeus, by a flash of lightning and buried under a rain of rocks at mount Aetna.
The sculpture represent the fall of Enceladus, buried in rocks, a huge water-jet going out from his mouth.

The place is supposed to be a warning for Louis XIV’s adversaries and was build after the victory of the monarchy against the french riots of La Fronde in the 1650’s.

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Still Deer

Today I’m officially 28. It’s just to let you know.

Deer in Rambouillet

After a long and gray day driving around to find some interesting spots, I went to check on the Chateau de Rambouillet. As the castle was close to the public due to the shooting of some TV film, I went to discover the gardens.
I was impressed, the place is really huge, but small compared to Versailles. ;D
It took me some times to get in the middle of the park, I was looking for La chaumiére aux coquillage which could be translated to the shell cottage, but didn’t find it.
I must have take the wrong road at one point. Not really worried, I was taking this photograph when a guard remind me trough his megaphone that it was time to go home.
Next time little cottage, next time…

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