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Sakura in Kumamoto

Here is a picture of the Kumamoto Castle during Sakura, the blossom of cherry trees.

Wonderfull sights and smells 😉

Sakura in Kumamoto

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Mount Aso

It’s been a long time since my last picture from Japan.
Here is one I took in Mount Aso, the biggest active Volcano in Japan.
It is surrounded by one of the biggest caldera in the worlds, and it is composed of 5 peaks that lies in the center of the caldera.
Due to meteorological condition and deadly sulfurous gases, I hadn’t the chance to reach the crater of Mt. Nakadake.
Instead I spend many hours hiking in some incredible landscapes around two steaming lake, surrounded by the 5 peaks.

And is there any best way to relax after a long hiking day than immerse yourself in a hot Onsen!

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Dec 19, 2013 - Japan    No Comments

Capsule Hotel

Welcome to a capsule hotel!

Only found  in Japan, this low cost hotels can host dozens of customers in only one room.

It’s definitively not for claustrophobic people!

For the story, I didn’t planned my trip well and ended up in transit in an unknown Japanese town. The only youth hostel was sold out so I had to improvise.

I ended up in this huge Casino/hotel/Onsen complex, bargaining for a room.

For a pretty decent price, I was assigned my own capsule n°7001 and free access to the Onsen.

With nothing to do till my train on next morning, I spend the evening chilling in hot tubes, surrounded by naked Japanese guys that didn’t speak a word of English!

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Fox temple

Here is the entrance of the famous Fushimi-Inari shrines in Kyoto. (See Thousand Torii post here).

The Messengers of Inari Kami (spirits/gods in shintoism) are foxes or kitsune. There are plenty depictions of foxes around the shrine, you can see two statues here, one on each side of the main temple. Foxes are often depicted with the key of the rice granary in their mouths. I have not a single clue why is that ;D

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Mount Fuji Canoe

Few months ago, I was touring around Mount Fuji and the  five different lakes that surround it.

After a good night of sleep, I woke up for the sunrise, Mount Fuji was, as usual, hidden in dense clouds. So I decided to take a walk around the lake waiting for the sun to appear and Fuji to show itself. At some point I found  this old canoe that was left to rot on the shore of the lake, swans where attracted by my presence, looking for food, wind was blowing and The Mount began to appear trough the clouds. I quickly set my tripod and took this shot.


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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku

A picture from Shinjuku in Tokyo. I went there hoping to take some sunset pictures from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The point is no tripod are allowed up there ;S
I had to think outside the box so I just went back to the lobby and instead of the tourist express elevator, I took one of the staff elevator and climb up to the 40th floor. There I was almost alone and I easily found a break room where I had the time to take all the pictures I wanted, with my tripod!
Before going back to the city and my youth hostel, I grab this shot of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

After that experience, I learned my lesson :  if you go inside a building and took an elevator, just pretending you belong here, everything will be fine!

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Kumamoto Castle

Another picture of Kumamoto castle in south Japan.
The castle was totally destroyed by fire in 1887 but was reconstructed in concrete in 1960.
Despite this fact, it’s now considered to be among the most beautiful castles of all Japan with Himeji castle and Matsumoto castle.
The place really inspired me, I witnessed an amazing sunset, cherry tree blossoming in the parks, flowers floating in the air, the enormous fortifications, the silence around this stone platform… Everything left me in awe, with the feeling to be back to feudal Japan.

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Going home

I took this shot when wandering around amazing Nara during sunset.
Nara is the former capital of Japan which means there is so much historic monuments all around.
National treasures and Unesco world heritage buildings are scattered around huge parks and forests overwhelmed with thousands deer.
As the legend goes, a mythological god came to the city on a white deer so now these animals are sacred and graze freely all around the parks, being fed biscuits by every tourist.
As I was setting up for a shot, I spotted these group of young Japanese students, all dressed up, so I sped up to get these guys on the frame.


May 30, 2013 - Japan    1 Comment

One thousands Torii

News from the north

It’s already been a week here in Iceland!
After 4 days of constant rain, eating, hiking and camping under downpour, the sun has finally reappeared while I was chilling out in the hot tubs of vik y mirdal.
Tommorow I will say farewell to my old and dusty Toyota corolla with a thousand more miles on the meter.
Now I have to hitchhike!!

One thousand Torii

It’s been a while since the last post so I will add a new picture from Japan. Fushimi Inari Shrine is a Shinto complex in Kyoto. It’s famous for its thousands aligned Torii (as many as 10 000 according to some).
A torii is those nice red gate which are supposed to Marked the entrance of a sacred space.
After a very long and exhausting day, I arrived in the sanctuary after sunset. Instead of going for a ramen I spend a long time alone playing with composition and long exposures.