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Sep 20, 2012 - Asia, Laos    No Comments

4000 islands

Here is a picture from Laos. Specifically the 4000 island region at the southern tip of Laos. A place where the Mekong split into hundreds rapids known as the Khon Falls.

We spent few days on Don Det island which is linked to Don Khon island by an old french railway. This 7 km railroad was built in 1890 in order to avoid the Khon Falls and to help french transport vessels, freight and passengers along the Mekong river. It was closed at the end of the World War II in 1949 and it remained the only opened and operated railway in Laos until 2009.
Nowadays there is no rail left but you can ride or walk the old road along these two island crossing rice field and encountering lots of waterfalls and greats viewpoints of the Mekong river.
The islands are really peaceful and without much to do it is still a good place to chill out, far away from stressful Asian city. Highly recommended!!

As I forgot to turn off minimum shutter speed option, it turns out much more noisy than I was expecting… Disappointing but the result is good enough isn’t it?

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