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Le Piton de la Fournaise

On my way to Zagora

I’m off to the East. 8 hours bus drive to Zagora.
My times in Essaouira were really good. The city is beautiful and peaceful compared to Marrakech, I spend so much time wandering around the small streets.
I had fun and met a lot of interesting and charming people, had great talks about anything either in French or in English, drank liters of tea in front of Gnaou local bands, smoked some weed listening to rock’n’roll on top of a lonely terrace, shared a couch and an apartment to spare few euros…
And I Also got some nice pictures, wonderful sunsets and nice long exposures of the sea.

Le Piton de la Fournaise

This one date back from my trip in December 2011 in reunion island. We went on a beautiful day, a little too early, for a nice hike on the crater of the last active volcano of reunion island. The way to the top is incredible. The volcano has dug himself a huge crater that cut trought the rocks and go directly to the sea. So every year or so, when an eruption happens, most of the lava just flow trough those natural barriers and go straigh to the sea.
You have to get there early cause after few hours of daylight, clouds begin to accumulate in the crater and soon the visibility is reduced to zero. You can see in my picture the clouds coming our way, the good part is that when you are at the top, you are above the clouds. It give the same feeling you have when you are on a plane but you are free to go. What a wonderful view. Must do!

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Another waterfall


A dozens of my picture are exhibited in a Restaurant of Toulouse : La Petite Gouaille. The preview is scheduled for this sunday 10th around 8pm. Every one is welcome, even if I don’t think that english speakers are not from Toulouse ;D


This is another waterfall from la Réunion, this one comes from the Cirque of Salazie wich is the northern one of the island. As you could see trough this blog, Réunion island is the paradise for waterfall lovers.
This one wasn’t hard to found, we could saw it from the road. You just have to park your car, climb few hundreds meters and here you are.
Surely not the most beautiful waterfall from la Réunion, but the view was great, the sun was shinning and we took some time to bath under the fall and chill out for couples hours.

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Trois Bassins

New Design

The new design for the blog is here. I hope ou will enjoy it. New features comes with it, now you have categories on the sidebar, with some new links. I also added a link to my google + account if you mind to add me to your circles.

3 bassins

Another picture from la réunion. This one comes from the lowest one of the 3 bassins near the city of Saint Gilles. The
place is supposed to be closed to public but every saturday, everyone gather here, follow the waterway for a long hike to finaly see the first pond.
We arrived here around 2PM and I just had the time to take this shot before we got hit by an enormous downpour that last the next hours of sun. We had to hike back under the rain and we finished totally soaked. It was such a shame cause the place was made for photography.

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I really love this winding roads. They make you wondering where it will take you and they always brings up so much road trips memories…


A new pictures from Reunion Island. This time to change, no sea or waterscape. I got you an innerland picture. From cirque de Cilaos to be precise.
As you migt already know, Réunion island is 100% volcanic. In the centre of the island lies the former volcano “le Piton des Neiges”. It is exctinct since 12 000 years et is nowadays replace by the famous “Piton de la Fournaise”. The Piton des Neiges had formed the majority of the island and the three majestic cirque that make Reunion reputation.

This three cirques (Salazie, Cilaos and Maffate) are Caldera which are cauldron-like volcanic features usually formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption.
The Cirque de Cilaos is the most southern one and is famous for its wine, its lentils and above all for its 400 bends road. Indeed this road was buildt in the 1930’s and is really tortuous. But the view is so wonderfull that you will quickly forget the bends. This road is a deadend and finish at the small village of Ilet à cordes. I took tis picture when trying to reach this hamlet.

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Cap Mechant

This place is called Cap Mechant wich could be translated as Nasty Cape. It is located on the most southern part of Reunion Island.

Its name goes back to the time when Reunion Island was under the influence of the French East India Company, during the 18th century. In that part of the island, the coast is really teared up as it is furiously hit by the heave, and this could be a real danger for every boat trying to reach the shore indeed. The place was a pirate’s lair and people say that there is still some treasures waiting to be found all around.

If you have ever gone to this spot, you have probably met the crazy resident of the place. She is an old lady that spend all her days on the parking lot and talks to anyone who comes close to her. She is kind of famous in Reunion Island and everbody knows her. She talks complete non sense about evil and demon in an crazy and super-fast way. It can be creepy as hell or really funny, depend on your personnality. Yours to decide 😉

Here is the road that leads you to Cap Mechant :

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Door to the chaudron

This door is the guardian to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Reunion Island. The Cascade Chaudron lies at just one and a half hour walk behind this metallic door. This is a big waterfall that gives water to the neighborhood of Le Bretagne in South-Est Saint Denis.

As you can see, the path is closed to public due to its dangerousness. Indeed, you have to follow the big blue pipe that drains the water to the city and that can be pretty perilous from time to time. After avoiding multiple tumbles, walking 100 meters in a pitch black tunnel and stagger on a footbridge destroyed by rock falls. you finally arrive close to the basin. Hopefully, we didn’t see any rock falling during our hike, but judging from the condition of the handrails, it might not be uncommon.

The view up there is so beautiful, the pound is filled by a 200 meters high waterfall and the color of the water is really enchanting. If you are brave enough, you could even take a small bath in some pretty cold water.

If you have the chance to go there, be safe and enjoy the view.


Dont ask me why but I really like the stencilled question-mark. ;D

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Bassin Boeuf

Today I got you another picture from La Reunion…. next time it will be from somewhere else, I promise. ;D

Due to its geography and to its precipitations, Reunion Island is filled with rivers, waterfalls and ponds of all kinds. Actually, it’s pretty fun to go from waterfall to waterfall, trying to find the nicest one.

This picture is from a fall called “Bassin Boeuf” which is close to Sainte Suzanne, a little town on the north side of the island.

I like to take pictures of moving waters, it’s always very fun yet technical at the same time. Going on manual and trying to have a long, but not too long, exposure in order to get those blank trickles that look so enchanting… See by yourself :

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Mar 18, 2012 - Reunion Island, Sunset    1 Comment

The Maïdo

New feature

Here we go, introducing new features. From now on, each post will get an icon “Map” where you can, if you click on it, see pictures on a map of the world.
Next new thing is the share buttons on top and end of each post, so now you can easily share it on facebook, twitter or google+.
More to come…

The Maïdo

This incredible view can be seen far above Saint Paul and Saint Gilles les Bains.
Le Maïdo is sitting on the rim of the cirque de Mafate, the wildest caldera of the three that Reunion Island count. It is by far the most impressive viewpoint in La Réunion.
In order to see something, you have to climb up there before the clouds begin to form in the caldera… That means as early as 7AM (after a two hours drive) :S
But really, on it’s own, the road well worth the trouble. The forest road winds all the way to the top in a scenic drive under cryptomeria japanese trees and with some magnificent views of the island.
When you get to the Maïdo, you sit at 2205 meters (7230 ft) above sea level and you can experience stunning views of Mafate and back to the coast.

The word Maïdo comes from Malagasy and means “burnt land”. I guess it’s because the land looks bare, but unfortunately recently the place has stuck to its name. In November 2011, almost 3000 acres of land were burnt to the ground by an arson. This is pretty sad, but I am not worried, nature will overcome this.

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New year eve

Downloading pictures

As you surely already noticed, you can download all the pictures, in full resolution, within my Smugmug Portfolio. (Put your cursor on a photography. A folder will appear on the right. Click on it and choose “Save Photo”.)

If by any chance you have some spare change, you can pay the artist, which is me ;D. You can buy the pictures for the modest price of 1$. For that, you need to click on the menu “Buy”, on the right-top corner, and choose “This Photo”. In the new window, choose the third tab “Downloads”.

You can also order prints of every pictures. But I will talk about that in detail in the next post.

New year Eve at Reunion Island

This year, instead of the traditional and sometimes boring new year eve’s in France, I went with a group of friend on the other hemisphere, to Reunion Island to be precise. We joined friends who live there and who had prepared everything for this last night of the year.

Near Saint Gilles, the tradition is that everyone (mainly metropolitan French) meet at the beach in the afternoon, to book a spot and get prepared for the party.
Our spot was huge, with a sound system, an handcrafted bar and big quantities of all kind of alcohols. To be frank, it was quite impressive to see this crowd on the beach, getting ready to party, wearing swimsuit (30°C).

Tired by our flight (we arrived in the morning of the 31st) and somewhat a little bit jet-lagged, we wandered off the group to lie down on the sand, closer to the water. There, we had the chance to admire a beautiful sunset.

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The night was really unforgettable. Hanging out shirt-less, going from group to group and ending into the sea… that was great. However, the breathless moment appeared before midnight, where hundreds of people gather on the beach shore to light fireworks and to let fly magic lanterns (little rice paper hot balloons, propelled by pieces of fire-lighting cubes).
Tons of lanterns and colorfull fireworks illuminated the beach. Pure magic and beauty in my opinion.