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May 27, 2012 - Roads, USA    1 Comment

Curves ahead

Here we go, another road shot from USA. Not much more to say, it was a sunny and beautiful day across the ocean. I can’t wait to get back there again.

May 20, 2012 - Reunion Island, Roads    No Comments



I really love this winding roads. They make you wondering where it will take you and they always brings up so much road trips memories…


A new pictures from Reunion Island. This time to change, no sea or waterscape. I got you an innerland picture. From cirque de Cilaos to be precise.
As you migt already know, Réunion island is 100% volcanic. In the centre of the island lies the former volcano “le Piton des Neiges”. It is exctinct since 12 000 years et is nowadays replace by the famous “Piton de la Fournaise”. The Piton des Neiges had formed the majority of the island and the three majestic cirque that make Reunion reputation.

This three cirques (Salazie, Cilaos and Maffate) are Caldera which are cauldron-like volcanic features usually formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption.
The Cirque de Cilaos is the most southern one and is famous for its wine, its lentils and above all for its 400 bends road. Indeed this road was buildt in the 1930’s and is really tortuous. But the view is so wonderfull that you will quickly forget the bends. This road is a deadend and finish at the small village of Ilet à cordes. I took tis picture when trying to reach this hamlet.

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Mar 11, 2012 - Roads, USA    No Comments

The American Way

I took this picture in Arizona during a National Parks road trip. You can find this kind of road everywhere on the East Side of US. Beautiful and wild, miles and miles of open roads waiting to be driven. It has a magical touch, giving you a true feeling of freedom.

Anyway, a funny and interesting thing is how shooting signposts is a real national sport in USA. In those wild places, every signpost is scattered by multiple gunshot wounds, that maybe represent the boredom of the inhabitants (funny thing for sure ;). I really wonder if is it a tradition in any other country??


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