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Pays Basque

Hi there, long time since my last update. Damn I got to get my sh*t together and come here more often. I worked on my photographs yesterday and processed 6 plus pictures for you guys. So hopefully the blog will get updates more often in the next weeks. And I finally see the end of the tunnel with the renovation of my new house. Means that new adventures are coming in the next months!!

Pays Basque

Two weeks ago I spend a weekend with my beloved girlfriend in the pays basque (Basque Country), South West Coast of France. The weather was really good and we had a wonderful time. Even though it was a romantic escapade, I couldn’t resist to take out my camera from the trunk of the car and snap some photographs on our way to this nice little Spanish village of Zugarramurdi. The town is home to the famous Witch cave where, every year, people gather to celebrate the summer solstice. At that time, blazing torches and fires are lit to illuminate the cave and commemorate the “supposed” witches that were burnt alive and torture by the Spanish inquisition during the Basque witch trials somewhere around 1610.

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As you may know, I just got back from Murcia, in the South of Spain. Didn’t quite take as many pictures as I was expecting. The weather was extremely hot, 42°C! so we mainly chilled out in the house and the pool, drinking Corona and eating tapas. That was a great relaxing week but not very productive for photography   ;D

The Orphanage

The following picture was taken in a big abandoned mansion called Castle Olite. It was named after a boat that was sunk by the Republican batteries in the bay of Cartagena during the Spanish Civil War. The weckrage of the boat results in almost 1500 death. The place was first used as an orphanage before and during the war. It became a sanatorium after the war, to finally be turned into a school for mentally disabled children. It kind of hard to find somes intels on the place but it is supposed to have been closed during the late 60’s  under the suspicion of physical and psychological abuses… This place is surrounded by mysteries and a spanish movie team made some footage there. You can find it there : They allegedly record some dead people voices. I am not going to discuss the veracity of their experiences, make your own opinion ;D

We took a creepy and frail stairway to get to the 2nd floor and we stumbled open this two pigeons that were looking at each other.