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Feb 9, 2014 - Europe, Italy, Sunset, Waterscape    No Comments

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

This is a sunset over Vernazza, one the five cities that compose the National Parc of Cinque Terre in Italy.
I came here in the morning to spot where I will be able to get a nice picture of the sunset, sadly, most of the hiking trails were closed due to floods that happened few days before.
Still, I was able to climb on top of the cliff that surround the village and walk few hundred meters to find this great spot.
Later on, and according to my plan, I came back for the sunset. I had to rush up here, scared to be late for the show.
Luckily I made it on time!

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Feb 4, 2014 - Europe, Iceland, Sunset    No Comments

Green fields of Iceland

This is one of the wonderful sunset I had the chance to experience in Iceland this summer.
The light was awesome with some orange crepuscular rays going trough the clouds. I looked for a subject to capture and that old rusty gate inspired me.

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Nov 15, 2013 - Japan, Sunset    No Comments

Fox temple

Here is the entrance of the famous Fushimi-Inari shrines in Kyoto. (See Thousand Torii post here).

The Messengers of Inari Kami (spirits/gods in shintoism) are foxes or kitsune. There are plenty depictions of foxes around the shrine, you can see two statues here, one on each side of the main temple. Foxes are often depicted with the key of the rice granary in their mouths. I have not a single clue why is that ;D

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This is a picture from France, to change a bit 😀
Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is a small village located in a narrow valley close to the gorge of the Hérault River.
The village looks medieval and is one of The most beautiful villages of France. As it is situated along St James’ Way, the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostella, its Abbey was designated UNESCO World Heritages site.
The Abbey is really beautiful and sit in the middle of the village, close to a small waterfall. Built in 804, it sadly became part of the list of the “national properties” during the french revolution (1789) and was sold to resolve the financial crisis that was undergoing at that time.
The monastery was then used as a spinning mill till the beginning of the 20th century where it was restored by the “Monuments historiques” administration.
But around the same time, an american collector bought a big piece of the cloister of the abbey, along with some sculpture, and rebuild it on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.
The cloister is now sitting on Manhattan island, in The Cloisters museum in New York.

Jul 30, 2013 - Asia, Lao, Sunset, waterfall    No Comments

Tad Lao

A picture from Laos for today.
I took this one during a wonderful sunset at Tad Lo, a really small village in southern Laos. The village is part of the Bolaven plateau tour but we decided to stay there for the night. It was the right thing to do as the village is so calm and beautiful. We spend two days there, hiking around the town and it’s gorgeous waterfall, watching kids and elephant bathing in the river. We stayed in some typical small Laotian cabin, spending the evening drinking cheap beer lao along with some local pastry!


Jul 17, 2013 - Asia, Japan, Sunset    No Comments

Kumamoto Castle

Another picture of Kumamoto castle in south Japan.
The castle was totally destroyed by fire in 1887 but was reconstructed in concrete in 1960.
Despite this fact, it’s now considered to be among the most beautiful castles of all Japan with Himeji castle and Matsumoto castle.
The place really inspired me, I witnessed an amazing sunset, cherry tree blossoming in the parks, flowers floating in the air, the enormous fortifications, the silence around this stone platform… Everything left me in awe, with the feeling to be back to feudal Japan.

Jul 9, 2013 - Europe, Iceland, Sunset    No Comments

Sunset on Glaumbær

After few hours on the road, we decided to find a place to sleep, the parking lot close to these turf houses seems a perfect location to cook us some dinner waiting for the sunset.
After a light meal, the sun began to go down, to finally set around midnight. The show that followed was amazing and kept me going, fully awake for hours.
For the second time in our trip, we witnessed a sunset that will last almost 3 hours, the sun staying closely below the horizon, illuminating the clouds until it’s rise somewhere around 3 am.
I took many pictures of theses traditional Icelandic turf houses. The walls and roof are actually made of layers of turf on top of another. It’s a great and inexpensive insulation for the tough Icelandic winter!

Jun 14, 2013 - Japan, Sunset    No Comments

Going home

I took this shot when wandering around amazing Nara during sunset.
Nara is the former capital of Japan which means there is so much historic monuments all around.
National treasures and Unesco world heritage buildings are scattered around huge parks and forests overwhelmed with thousands deer.
As the legend goes, a mythological god came to the city on a white deer so now these animals are sacred and graze freely all around the parks, being fed biscuits by every tourist.
As I was setting up for a shot, I spotted these group of young Japanese students, all dressed up, so I sped up to get these guys on the frame.


May 3, 2013 - Asia, Japan, Sunset, Waterscape    No Comments

Yokohama by night

First picture from Japan!
This is the cityscapse of Yokohama, which is the second most populated city in Japan after Tokyo.
I went there around 5pm in order to take some pictures of the sunset.
And I can tell you that this one was tough to take! I tried almost five differents buildings before finding the right spot. And the right spot was in the 26th floor of an office building.
I just chilled there for almost an hour, waiting for the sun to go down, collecting curious gaze from office workers.
The sunset was wonderful and I took many photographs, using the well known sweater trick to avoid reflections on the huge windows.
After almost two hours inside, just when I was packing my stuff, a guard came to me and gently escorted me out.
In the elevator going down I was a bit worry where he would lead me, but the guy just show me the way out saying in a really bad english “you can be here not up”.

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Apr 26, 2013 - Africa, Morocco, Sunset    No Comments

Sunset on Essaouira

After few days of wonderful, clear blue sky, I was longing for some clouds. As a photographer I like my clouds and a bit of drama in the sky.
After the sun came the rain, and with it lots of amazing nimbus. At the end of the day, as expected, the sunset was magnificent with colors going from gold to pink and orange. I was waiting on top of the battlements to have a good view of the ocean and the harbor in the background. As the sun went down I screwed an ND filter onto my lens and took this long exposure shot.