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Dec 12, 2012 - France, Toulouse, Urbex    No Comments

Lonely Piano

Bergen, Norway

I just arrived in Bergen this morning, weather is bad but it not as cold as expected.
I will stay here one week before returning to France.
Bergen is known to be the getaway to the Norwegian Fjord.
If the snowing stop, I will definitively try to go on a little hike and take some pictures.

Lonely Piano

Another urbex picture for today, This one was took in an abandoned castle in Toulouse. The castle has been left to die many years ago but it was well locked. Fews months back someone managed to open it and since, the castle has suffer more than in all its history, squatters, taggers and thieves have taken their toll and soon enough there will be nothing left of it. It’s a shame cause the place was really pretty with many rooms, a huge living room with a wonderful piano as you can see below and a really nice garden. Many belongings still remain in the castle, with clothes inside closets and many partitions and vintage pictures in the children’s rooms.

In Bonus you got that nice picture I took during one of our exploration in an abandoned factory.

Oct 19, 2012 - France, Toulouse, Urbex    No Comments

Surgical Lights

An Urbex picture for today. This was shot in an abandoned wing of an hospital near Toulouse. The place is quite empty, but it was really fun to sneak in through the underground tunnels of the active part of the hospital.
Most of the furnitures were gone but we did found these pretty surgical lights in an old operating room.

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Mar 14, 2012 - France, Toulouse    3 Comments

The WaterTank

Night Photography

I love night photography, hanging out in the street, alone, with my DSLR and tripod, capturing pieces of the city while she sleeps.
It’s calm and silent, you can go everyhwere the night lead you, stroll around, lost yourself and rediscover the city from a new point of view.

As much I love night session, it’s pretty uncommon for me, lack of time and tiredness doesn’t give me opportunity to hang out during the week when the city is peacefull. Maybe one day time will be on my side…

Le château d’eau

I took this picture a few months ago in the city where I live : Toulouse.

Nothing thrilling to tell, just a little walk, nice sunset and few pictures before heading home. So lets talk about history.
At the left side of the picture, we could see the “Pont-neuf” wich is in fact the oldest bridge in Toulouse. It was built around 1620.
The red brick building on the right is the “Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques de Compostelle” buildt in 1332, it serve during centuries as a host house for poor, beggar, hobbos and prostitute and mainly for “Saint Jacques de Compostelle”‘s pilgrims.
Finally, the lighted up tower in the middle is a watertank built in 1822, to feed the city’s fountains. This place was renovate in 1974 and became the first municipal gallery of photography. There is still nowadays some photography exhibition, from know photographer to emerging artist. Maybe one way I will be one of them… ;D

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Mar 14, 2012 - Church, France, Toulouse    1 Comment

Church Saint Aubin


This post is for everyone who goes around churches and won’t even mind to get inside.
Just get in, push the heavy doors and follow the light!! with the good timing you might have a mystic vision. ;D
Seriously, I am not a believer myself, but I love churches. I miss my words but when you walk inside, you just feel like shrinking in.
Truly, this places are (in europe at least) the gardians of our history, some are here since centuries and still up.

And you what do you feel when you take the first step in those silent and imposent monster??

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