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The flooded Stairs

As a photographer, you sometimes have to venture out the main roads to grab a nice picture.
On my short stay in Plitivice National Park, one of the path was closed due to high water level.
I still went ahead in the closed path and the trail was actually flooded by the waterfall. Some part of it had even collapsed under the water.
In spite of that, I choose to continue on my way, being really careful. I pulled up my pants and soaked my shoes in the cold water.
Here is the way down!

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In the background we can see the wooden path from which I took this picture :

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I went hiking in Þingvellir around midnight, the sun was down but as it didn’t go far below the horizon, there Was still enough light to hang around. The park was so beautiful in the dim light, I walked for an hour in the cracked belly of earth, where the North American and Eurasian Plate drift apart.
The trail led me to Öxarárfoss waterfall where I took this long exposure.

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More on Pingvellir here!

Autumn in Croatia

If you wonder how is Croatia during November, here it is.

I took this picture in Plitvice National Park, it is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia.
The park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is composed of 16 lakes interconnected by dozens of waterfalls, from small to huge.
The infrastructures are pretty good, and you can hike around the whole park on wooden path like the one you see at the left bottom.

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A panoramic view of Þingvellir, south East Iceland. Þingvellir is a national park famous for its special relief. The parc sits on the top of the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian Plate which create numerous cracks or faults all around.
But Þingvellir is also a cultural and historical site. This is here, that was created the first parliament around the year 930. Every summer for almost a millennium, in this plain, was held an assembly that directed the country. Even during the year of foreign domination, the laws where enacted here.
The Biggest decisions where made in Þingvellir, from the christianization of Island in 1000, to the allegiance to Norway in 1281, to the independence in 1944…

A place full of history where I found myself all alone, hiking around midnight under a magnificent sky.
After climbing on top of the main crack, I took some rest at the feet of Öxarárfoss waterfall to take this panoramic view. We can see the Þingvellir church on the left, edged by the parliament plain and the Þingvallavatn lake behind.

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This is a picture from France, to change a bit 😀
Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is a small village located in a narrow valley close to the gorge of the Hérault River.
The village looks medieval and is one of The most beautiful villages of France. As it is situated along St James’ Way, the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostella, its Abbey was designated UNESCO World Heritages site.
The Abbey is really beautiful and sit in the middle of the village, close to a small waterfall. Built in 804, it sadly became part of the list of the “national properties” during the french revolution (1789) and was sold to resolve the financial crisis that was undergoing at that time.
The monastery was then used as a spinning mill till the beginning of the 20th century where it was restored by the “Monuments historiques” administration.
But around the same time, an american collector bought a big piece of the cloister of the abbey, along with some sculpture, and rebuild it on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.
The cloister is now sitting on Manhattan island, in The Cloisters museum in New York.

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Tad Lao

A picture from Laos for today.
I took this one during a wonderful sunset at Tad Lo, a really small village in southern Laos. The village is part of the Bolaven plateau tour but we decided to stay there for the night. It was the right thing to do as the village is so calm and beautiful. We spend two days there, hiking around the town and it’s gorgeous waterfall, watching kids and elephant bathing in the river. We stayed in some typical small Laotian cabin, spending the evening drinking cheap beer lao along with some local pastry!


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Just Another Waterfall

Race to the White House

After few unexpected encounters, I found some friends and I had the chance to spend one night in the desert, in the company of a Mexican photographer and a German poet. The environment was wonderful and walking, by night, far from the camp, alone in the dark, surrounded only by silence, sand and stars, was an incredible experience… We also had the chance to be hosted In an amazing berbere house at the center of an huge Palm field.
Now we are on a bus, for a 12h night drive to the coast and the big city of Casablanca. my thigh and back are still hurting from the camel rides but sleep is already coming for me.

Just Another Waterfall

It’s been quite some times since my last photograph of Asia. This one picture a wonderful waterfall in Laos Bolaven plateau. The fall was great but the little rope bridge straight out of Indiana jones movies that we took to get there was so awesome!

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Natural pool of Aïtone

I am Late!!

As you surely notice, I am not really precise with my sunday pictures. I am in the process of quitting my job, I have to prepare my Asian Trip and above all, I’ve just bought a house and I spend most of my time workings there. So I don’t have as much time as I want for this blog. The situation will be solved pretty soon and I might be able to repost two times a week.

Natural Pool in Evisa

This are one of the many natural pools that can be found North of the small town of Evisa, in East Corsica. We didn’t plan to go there, but fortunately we run out of gas ;D
True story, we were coming back from Piana to Bastia and the gas gauge was pretty low.
We stopped at the only gas station for a 50 miles radius, to found out that they were closed between noon and 15pm… Recklessly, we tried to get to the next town but we took the wrong road!!! After 20 kilometers in the lands, we run out of gas in the small town of Evisa. One of us sacrificed himself and took the bus to get few liters of gasoline on the next town. During his boring trip, the rest of us ate a nice steak with fries and took a small hike to finally discover those wonderfull natural pools. We took a dive, chilled out a couple hours and hitchike just to get back in time to welcome our savior!!


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Another waterfall


A dozens of my picture are exhibited in a Restaurant of Toulouse : La Petite Gouaille. The preview is scheduled for this sunday 10th around 8pm. Every one is welcome, even if I don’t think that english speakers are not from Toulouse ;D


This is another waterfall from la Réunion, this one comes from the Cirque of Salazie wich is the northern one of the island. As you could see trough this blog, Réunion island is the paradise for waterfall lovers.
This one wasn’t hard to found, we could saw it from the road. You just have to park your car, climb few hundreds meters and here you are.
Surely not the most beautiful waterfall from la Réunion, but the view was great, the sun was shinning and we took some time to bath under the fall and chill out for couples hours.

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