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Delicate Arche

Delicate Arche

On my first trip in USA, with a friend we were doing some agricultural work in a peache farm somewhere in Colorado. The owners were kind enough to share an old 4wheel toyota so we had the chance to take a Sunday trip right to Utah.

After a quick stop trough Moab, we went straight to Arches NP. There we decided to take a walk to Delicate Arche not knowing what awaits us. After a hike that felt like ages, we arrived at a small path that run along a cliff and to our right: a big wall. I saw a hole in that wall and I finally climb trough it.

After some efforts, I took step on a small cove with an astoning view of the place you are about to see in the attached picture. Silenced by the marvellous scene, I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t alone. Sitting close to me was somekind of hippie dude smoking pot. He stared at me, smiled and asked “Wanna join me?”. So I just sat there, watched the sunset go down and smoke with this weird-unknow guy.

From that moment, I decided I would always come to this place if the possibility was offered to me. So there I’m, I’ve been in USA 5 times since and everytime I’ve been able (3 on 5), I’ve found myself looking at this same wonderfull view.

Anyway, long story short: If you ever planned, sooner or latter, to travel to USA… make damn sure you don’t miss this place!

This picture was taken on my 4th trip during the summer of 2010.

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Greetings from France.

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Website is online! beta

The website is online, in beta version. Beta means bugs and changes so dont panic if something doesn’t work properly, just send me an email and I will look into it.

I will post new pictures regurlarly, twice a week, on wednesday and sunday evening. Don’t be shy and leave comments

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Path along the cliff

I took this picture this winter, during a trip to Reunion Island.

This scene can be observed on the south East shore of the island. This shore is called “the Wild Coast”. Indeed, all the shore is made of black rocks that forms big cliffs. Those cliffs were formed by pretty recent (between 2 and 50 years old) eruption. Actually, all this island was created by volcanic eruption and build by magma. Island Reunion still have one active volcano, Le Piton de la Fournaise. Every year or so, it erupt, leaking thousand and thousands tons of lava wich flowed right to this South East coast, gaining meters after meters on the sea.

I took this picture on a windy day not long before we took off to France. We decided to take a road trip and drive around the island and I found this place.This definitively contrast with the white sand beaches you see on every ad.

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See you soon!