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On my way to El Chalten

This is the view you can have 2 miles before arriving to the small village of El Chalten in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.

The village is named Argentina’s Trekking Capital and is famous for it’s Hiking paths and the amazing views of the mount Fitz Roy.

This day on the road, I was lucky enough to have a clear view on the Fitz Roy, which is usually covered by clouds. I parked on the side of the road and wait for the sun to go down, enlightening the sky on its way.

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Vernazza, Cinque Terre

This is a sunset over Vernazza, one the five cities that compose the National Parc of Cinque Terre in Italy.
I came here in the morning to spot where I will be able to get a nice picture of the sunset, sadly, most of the hiking trails were closed due to floods that happened few days before.
Still, I was able to climb on top of the cliff that surround the village and walk few hundred meters to find this great spot.
Later on, and according to my plan, I came back for the sunset. I had to rush up here, scared to be late for the show.
Luckily I made it on time!

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Inside San Giorgio Cathedral

This is a picture I took in the San Giorgio Cathedral in Ferrara, northern Italy.
Saint George is the patron saint of the city of Ferrara which was qualified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site for its beauty and its cultural importance.
I wandered around with my tripod and all my gear, taking time to capture the nave but I was quickly told by a guard that the use of tripod wasn’t allowed inside…
I went for the exit and kneeled down in front of the altar, discreetly taking one or two pictures of the devout folks praying.

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Jan 5, 2014 - Europe, Italy    1 Comment

Venice blue hour

Another shot of the blue hour on Venice. This is the basilica San Maria de salute seen from across the grand canal!
Technically, it was a tought one, I had to combine different pictures. One long exposure for the sky and the details of the basilica, and another high ISO/high shutter speed to get the gondola still. I am pretty happy with the result!


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San Giorgio Maggiore

This is one of the many amazing views that Venice has to offer.
It was my first time in Venice, first time in Italy, and I have to admit that I loved it. The cities are amazing, filled with historical monuments, the food is great and not that expensive, and the Italian language is a delight to hear!
Anyway, I spend few days in the Queen of the Adriatic and I took some pretty good pictures, here is the first one.
This is the island of San Giorgio Maggiore seen from the gondola pontoon of the San Marco square.

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Capsule Hotel

Welcome to a capsule hotel!

Only found  in Japan, this low cost hotels can host dozens of customers in only one room.

It’s definitively not for claustrophobic people!

For the story, I didn’t planned my trip well and ended up in transit in an unknown Japanese town. The only youth hostel was sold out so I had to improvise.

I ended up in this huge Casino/hotel/Onsen complex, bargaining for a room.

For a pretty decent price, I was assigned my own capsule n°7001 and free access to the Onsen.

With nothing to do till my train on next morning, I spend the evening chilling in hot tubes, surrounded by naked Japanese guys that didn’t speak a word of English!

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