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Christmas Sales!

Hi there, It’s time for Christmas sales!!
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I personally recommend Alumini Prints (US gallery) or Metal Prints (Europe Gallery) They are really beautifully printed on an aluminum sheet, ready to hang with a special Wow effect!

If you are from USA/Canada, just follow this link : Online Gallery US

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A quick glance of the metal prints here :


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Manarola Blues

Here is a picture of the amazing  Cinque Terre National Park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is composed of five villages on the West Coast of Italy. Each village is build on the cliff and overlook the sea.

You can go from a village to the next by train or walk the coastal path to get incredible point of view.

This village is called Manarola and is the most photogenic of all five. You can find dozens of photographers fully geared for every sunset.

As Romans used to say, Audaces fortuna juvat : Fortune favors the brave. So I woke up at 5 am to take some pictures at sunrise. Here is the result :


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Autumn in Croatia

If you wonder how is Croatia during November, here it is.

I took this picture in Plitvice National Park, it is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia.
The park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is composed of 16 lakes interconnected by dozens of waterfalls, from small to huge.
The infrastructures are pretty good, and you can hike around the whole park on wooden path like the one you see at the left bottom.

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Fox temple

Here is the entrance of the famous Fushimi-Inari shrines in Kyoto. (See Thousand Torii post here).

The Messengers of Inari Kami (spirits/gods in shintoism) are foxes or kitsune. There are plenty depictions of foxes around the shrine, you can see two statues here, one on each side of the main temple. Foxes are often depicted with the key of the rice granary in their mouths. I have not a single clue why is that ;D

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Icelandic horse

Here is another photograph taken during our road trip around Iceland last summer. I couldn’t come home without taking a picture of this symbol of Iceland named Icelandic horse.

They are a special breed, the only that you could find in Iceland because The government strictly forbid entry of any horses in its country. The breed has a double coat for better insulation in winter and two unique gaits (five gaits total).

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Mount Fuji Canoe

Few months ago, I was touring around Mount Fuji and the  five different lakes that surround it.

After a good night of sleep, I woke up for the sunrise, Mount Fuji was, as usual, hidden in dense clouds. So I decided to take a walk around the lake waiting for the sun to appear and Fuji to show itself. At some point I found  this old canoe that was left to rot on the shore of the lake, swans where attracted by my presence, looking for food, wind was blowing and The Mount began to appear trough the clouds. I quickly set my tripod and took this shot.


Sunrise over Mont Saint Michel

I was in Paris few days ago and I decided to go see the Mont Saint Michel which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is truly an amazing island. You can walk there during low tides but it is surrounded by water on high tides.
The island is composed of small well conserved houses surrounding a huge abbey which sits on top of the city.
The abbey itself is a marvel of architecture and a visit is a must see despite the 9 euros you have to pay.
I woke up around 6:30 to go for a one hour hike in the swamp of the bay, guided by my compass, so the sun would rise in the good place for a picture. It was worth it, I was welcomed by a wonderful sunrise, clouds in the skies reflecting the red and orange light all over. Here is the result.


A panoramic view of Þingvellir, south East Iceland. Þingvellir is a national park famous for its special relief. The parc sits on the top of the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian Plate which create numerous cracks or faults all around.
But Þingvellir is also a cultural and historical site. This is here, that was created the first parliament around the year 930. Every summer for almost a millennium, in this plain, was held an assembly that directed the country. Even during the year of foreign domination, the laws where enacted here.
The Biggest decisions where made in Þingvellir, from the christianization of Island in 1000, to the allegiance to Norway in 1281, to the independence in 1944…

A place full of history where I found myself all alone, hiking around midnight under a magnificent sky.
After climbing on top of the main crack, I took some rest at the feet of Öxarárfoss waterfall to take this panoramic view. We can see the Þingvellir church on the left, edged by the parliament plain and the Þingvallavatn lake behind.

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