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Glacial Lagoon

This photograph was taken at the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón in southern Iceland. The biggest glacier of Iceland, named Vatnajökull, began to retreat due to the rising temperatures during early 1900s, the melting and the retreat created a lagoon somewhere around 1940. Nowadays the lagoon is still growing and big icebergs are continuously falling from the tongue of the glacier.

The lagoon is pretty close to the sea, and at high tides, seawater flows into the lagoon, melting the iceberg who are going to derive into the sea at low tides. You can found dozens of icebergs, from small to big scattered around the closest dark sand beach, left here to melt. The view is very astonishing, but unfortunately, I went there three times during my trip and every time it was pouring rain… I still managed to get some shot, hidden under my poncho. Here is the result.




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Going home

I took this shot when wandering around amazing Nara during sunset.
Nara is the former capital of Japan which means there is so much historic monuments all around.
National treasures and Unesco world heritage buildings are scattered around huge parks and forests overwhelmed with thousands deer.
As the legend goes, a mythological god came to the city on a white deer so now these animals are sacred and graze freely all around the parks, being fed biscuits by every tourist.
As I was setting up for a shot, I spotted these group of young Japanese students, all dressed up, so I sped up to get these guys on the frame.


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One thousands Torii

News from the north

It’s already been a week here in Iceland!
After 4 days of constant rain, eating, hiking and camping under downpour, the sun has finally reappeared while I was chilling out in the hot tubs of vik y mirdal.
Tommorow I will say farewell to my old and dusty Toyota corolla with a thousand more miles on the meter.
Now I have to hitchhike!!

One thousand Torii

It’s been a while since the last post so I will add a new picture from Japan. Fushimi Inari Shrine is a Shinto complex in Kyoto. It’s famous for its thousands aligned Torii (as many as 10 000 according to some).
A torii is those nice red gate which are supposed to Marked the entrance of a sacred space.
After a very long and exhausting day, I arrived in the sanctuary after sunset. Instead of going for a ramen I spend a long time alone playing with composition and long exposures.


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Kumamoto blooming

Welcome to Iceland

I just arrived in Iceland today, it’s gray and rainy but the landscapes are amazing! I will spend few days in the capital then drive around this magnificent Island!

Kumamoto blooming

Another one from Japan. I prepared 5 or 6 to post during my journey in Iceland. I hope you will like them.

After spending the day around Aso volcano in south Japan, I went back to town in time to see the sunset on the castle. Cherry blossom was at it’s best in this wonderful spring day. Climbing the stairs going to the castle I took this shot.


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Hundred cannons

This is another shot from Essaouira. On the fortification, there is dozens of european made cannons, facing the ocean.
If you watch the season three of Games of throne, you might recognize this place.
The scenes in the city in Astapor in Slaver’s Bay, are filmed here. They used these fortifications as the walk of Punishment, they just hid every cannon under gallows and cross where slaves are set to die.

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Yokohama by night

First picture from Japan!
This is the cityscapse of Yokohama, which is the second most populated city in Japan after Tokyo.
I went there around 5pm in order to take some pictures of the sunset.
And I can tell you that this one was tough to take! I tried almost five differents buildings before finding the right spot. And the right spot was in the 26th floor of an office building.
I just chilled there for almost an hour, waiting for the sun to go down, collecting curious gaze from office workers.
The sunset was wonderful and I took many photographs, using the well known sweater trick to avoid reflections on the huge windows.
After almost two hours inside, just when I was packing my stuff, a guard came to me and gently escorted me out.
In the elevator going down I was a bit worry where he would lead me, but the guy just show me the way out saying in a really bad english “you can be here not up”.

Click on the picture to see full size!

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Sunset on Essaouira

After few days of wonderful, clear blue sky, I was longing for some clouds. As a photographer I like my clouds and a bit of drama in the sky.
After the sun came the rain, and with it lots of amazing nimbus. At the end of the day, as expected, the sunset was magnificent with colors going from gold to pink and orange. I was waiting on top of the battlements to have a good view of the ocean and the harbor in the background. As the sun went down I screwed an ND filter onto my lens and took this long exposure shot.